FAO Agromet Original and Derived Data


The FAO Agromet Group published the climate data they received from observations all over the world together with an interpolation tool called New_LocClim.

However, for some applications it is more suitable to access the data directly.

This is why I put the data into variable-specific csv files which can be downloaded here.

On top of the original data also some derived data as Penman Monteith grass reference evaporation, several approximations of potential evapotranspiration and Koeppen class are provided. 

There is also an R snippet Read_FAO_Climate_Observations.R which you can download and source into your R programs to read the data into R directly from the internet with a simple read command containing the variables short name, i.e. Tn.tab <- read.variable(Tmin) reads monthly mean minimum temperature as a data frame (Tn.tab) into your R program.

The list of variables, names and units is provided in VariableTable.csv.

The variables are Tmin, Tmax, Tmean, Precip, Windspeed, Vappress, Sunfrac, Soilhf, extraRad, swnet, lwnet, radnet, PETPM, PETvent, PETrad, PETBC, PETHarg, PETHaude, PETJH, PETMK, PETpoor, PETPT, PETThorn, PETTurc, PETWalter, Koeppen, Country.


Any questions or suggestions?

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